Unrivaled Luxury: How INFINITI Sets the Benchmark

June 1st, 2023 by

Infused with distinct personality, INFINITI vehicles consistently stand out in the realm of luxury vehicles and automakers. Here, we won’t focus on one specific model, but rather, we’ll delve into the DNA of the entire lineup that defines the unique aspects setting INFINITI models apart from their luxury counterparts.

Outstanding Performance

A shining exemple of INFINITI’s performance prowess is the class-leading VC-T turbocharged engine found in the 2023 INFINITI QX50, which boasts an impressive 268 horsepower. The brand’s performance benchmarks extend to the Q50 sedan with its potent 400-horsepower engine, as well as the tried-and-true V6 in the QX60. INFINITI powertrains not only deliver superior performance but also ensure optimal efficiency. The innovation of the VC-T engine, the first to offer variable compression ratio, underscores INFINITI’s commitment to excellence.

Advanced Safety Technology

INFINITI vehicles blaze the trail when it comes to safety. Equipped with ground-breaking features such as Predictive Forward Collision Warning, they ensure an elevated sense of confidence and security on the road. The INFINITI ProPILOT Assist further enhances this by providing advanced driver assistance, creating a more serene and enjoyable journey. There are multiple INFINITI safety technologies that are worth highlighting, but ultimately that would require a second article. Here, we want to stress the overall safety characteristics of INFINITI, and more specifically how each new INFINITI vehicle offers the most advanced driver assistance technologies and active safety systems, and they are standard across the lineup.

Exceptional Value

When it comes to value, INFINITI vehicles are second to none. Despite being packed with class-leading performance features, most models are among the most accessible in their respective segments. What’s more, INFINITI offers attractive financing and leasing rates, reinforcing its commitment to delivering high-quality luxury vehicles at competitive prices.

Remarkable Versatility

The versatility of INFINITI SUVs is unrivaled. With two three-row options, the QX60 and QX80, families have ample choices when it comes to accommodating passengers and cargo. Both models offer comfortable seating across three rows and provide generous cargo space even when all seats are in use. The 2023 INFINITI QX50 takes versatility a step further, offering 881 litres of cargo space, surpassing all other compact luxury SUVs.

With an INFINITI, you get more – more features, more value, more performance, and more versatility. Additionally, their exceptional reliability sets a standard rarely seen in luxury vehicle segments. With an INFINITI, there’s no need for compromise. Opt for an INFINITI and experience luxury redefined.