What is INFINITI Distinction

September 11th, 2023 by

Infiniti Distinction

INFINITI Unveils Enhanced Ownership Experience with INFINITI Distinction

Luxury isn’t merely about aesthetics or design—it embodies a statement, a philosophy. This is precisely what INFINITI has showcased with its recent revelation. Elevating the ownership experience, the brand has amalgamated style, substance, and uniqueness into one comprehensive package.

Convenient Connectivity

In today’s digital age, where everything is at our fingertips, INFINITI recognizes that convenience is no longer a perk but a lifestyle staple. Stepping into the future, the company introduces the MyINFINITI app—a gateway to an array of features that bridges the gap between car and owner.

Whether it’s remotely starting the engine, unlocking the doors, checking the vehicle’s health, or being alerted about upcoming maintenance, INFINITI owners have all the information and control they need. Furthermore, to ensure this convenience isn’t interrupted, the brand offers a complimentary 4-year INFINITI InTouch™ Services Premium Package subscription to all its new vehicle owners.

Unmatched Service Care

INFINITI is redefining luxury by offering more than just a car; it’s a holistic experience. Scheduling service and maintenance is now seamless, thanks to the MyINFINITI app. Plus, a complimentary oil change and tire rotation plan promise enhanced vehicle performance, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions for up to 80,000 km.

Moreover, the hassle of service appointments is no more. INFINITI’s Valet Service, available with participating retailers, takes the onus of pick-up and drop-off. Whenever your car needs service, INFINITI valets will collect your vehicle from your chosen location and return it post-service.

Peace of Mind Everywhere You Go

Confidence on the road is priceless, and INFINITI understands this. The brand offers complimentary roadside assistance throughout Canada and the U.S., ensuring drivers are never stranded. Whether it’s a battery boost, fuel delivery, or even planning a trip, INFINITI is there to back you up.

Imagine encountering a mechanical breakdown far from home. INFINITI’s trip interruption services come to the rescue. If you’re within a 100 km radius of your residence, the company will reimburse transportation expenses. For those venturing further, benefits extend to vehicle rentals, and accommodation costs up to $500.

INFINITI’s revamped ownership experience is more than just about the car—it’s about integrating the vehicle seamlessly into the owner’s life. It’s about transcending the boundaries of luxury and convenience. With such offerings, INFINITI isn’t just selling vehicles; it’s selling a lifestyle.

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